A Day Before Exam – Best Time To Watch Movies & Play Videogames

While all of his friends were busy preparing for the exam, Johnny was going for the newly released Hollywood action movie. It was not that Johnny was very intelligent or had he studied regularly throughout the year. He was equally worried about doing well in the exam that was going to happen the next day as it was the last attempt to clear that paper.

What Johnny had done was he started to prepare from the very moment that he took the previous paper and kept studying hard till the night before the exam night. In fact he studied till 4

am and then went to sleep. He woke up by 11:30 am and was then preparing for some fun.

Such behaviour is not idiotic, careless or foolish but is a technique to release stress. It is important to get rid of stress that students often face during the examination period. There have been instances when the student prepared the whole night and when it was time to write in the answer sheet,

the student was feeling sleepy.

While going for the examination the nerves should be the most relaxed and it is done by two methods: 
• Make the mind understand that the best of efforts have been put and nothing more could be done for better that moment (This is not the time to regret the past but to improve the future).
• Put your best efforts till 48 hours before the day of exam. Then engage into some mind soothing activities for example some may love to watch movies, some love to listen to music or play videogames.

Such activities have a power to relieve the stress in a short period of time at the same time the minds gets some change. Remember not to apply this formula if you have not studied so far and are free of stress. Those who are always free do not require classes of stress management.



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