10 Most Popular Bhajans/devotional Songs By Anup Jalota

To hear devotional songs is equivalent to prayers as the concentration is on God. Some of the most popular saints from ancient India including Mirabai, Kabir, Surdas, Raskhan etc. roamed around in the streets and jungles singing their compositions. These compositions were sung by many bhajan singers and loved by people because of the beautiful words and the rhythm including Anup Jalota. 

When it comes to bhajans/hindi devotional songs, the first name that strikes the mind is of the legendary bhajan singer Anup Jalota. He revolutionized bhajan singing and made it popular across the globe. His performances were unmatched with a

unique style. There was a time when whatever he sang was a super hit so it is quite difficult to say the most popular yet it is an effort to compile a list of 10 most loved songs by this great singer. Here’s the list: - 

1) Cheer ke cchati bole apni pavan putra Hanuman
2) Maiya mori, main nahi makhan khayo
3) Chadariya jheeni re

4) Tan ke tambure mein
5) Aisi lagi lagan
6) Rang de chunariya
7) Jo ram nam nahi gate
8) Jag mein sundar hai do naam
9) Surdasji ka ek tara, mira ki kartal
10) Wo kala ek bansuri wala

There was an element of classical music with major focus on the emotions and sentiments that a devotional song could bring. It is very difficult to compose songs that bring a blend of classical music with emotions and simplicity. The songs of Anup had it all.

One of the best modes to practice concentration is to hear devotional music and that works best if it has the vibrations of Indian Classical Music. Music is the best way to experience the divine. The experiment with classical music is best seen in the above songs. It never feels like anything from outside is brought in or any experiments are being carried out.

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