When Students Move To New School – Problems & How Schools Can Help

When students move to new school they face some problems. Their relationship with the previous schools does no longer exist but they need to start their journey at a new and unfamiliar environment. Students don’t have that much of experience but the teachers definitely know/should know how to help the students when they enter a new environment.

Common problems faced by students when they enter a new school are: -

Problem 1) Interacting in an unknown environment
Not every student is an expert in communication skills. Not all students are the same. Students with different behaviours may face problems. For example

a shy student may face problem in getting his jobs done where there is no one he/she knows.

Problem 2) Making friends
When the students move to a new school they lose the friends that they had earlier. The students that belong to rich background or those who are good at studies get friends easily but the average students or those from poor families find it difficult unless they are good at communication skills.

Problem 3) Recover the level of studies
In a new school the level of studies may differ though the syllabus had been the same. Sometimes students shifting the boards from ICSE to CBSE or from state board to CBSE etc. also face problem in comparing the level of studies and matching their standard with the new school. 

Problem 4) Adapting to the environment at school
The environments have a strong impact on the student’s mind. When a student enters a new school, the problem he/she faces is the style of living developed at the earlier school suddenly comes to a change. There have been instances when the students could not survive the change in environment. 

Problem 5) Interacting with Teachers
Shy students face problems even while interacting with teachers. They don’t share what they feel, they hesitate to inform if something is going wrong with them or if they were not able to understand the things. 

What schools can do to help new students?
Teachers have a key role to play to help the new students out when they enter an entirely new environment. Teachers in combination with parents may make the students feel hospitable thus not effecting its performance. 

What Schools Can do: - Teachers may take initiative to help him
Teachers may inspire the student to come forward. There are many students

that hesitate to come forward by themselves but feel that someone should call them first. If teachers call them to give them their contribution, the students may easily lose their shyness ad become friendly in a new place.

What Schools Can do: - Teachers may depute a student that is respected by others to guide
A student that is more popular in school, has good friends, well at studies or is smart may help a new student. If the new student faces problems this student may guide him through. Such initiatives by teachers often are of great help to new students.

What Schools Can do: - Parent Teacher interaction
Teachers and parents should regularly remain in touch regarding their child’s growth and adaptability at the new environment. Both of them should be acquainted with the problems that students face at new schools and should look out for solution if the problem persists. 

What Schools Can do: - Teachers must think before they ask questions to new students
Teachers must control the questions while introducing them with the others. Sometimes when a student is asked to introduce himself/herself in front of the class, some questions become embarrassing for the average students such as ‘what was your academic score past year’, ‘why didn’t you opt for science’ etc.

What Schools Can do: - Teachers to keep an eye on the bullies
Teachers should keep an eye on the other students as well. If the student is friends with a good group it is good for him/her but if the student gets bullied or becomes friends with bullies it is good neither for him nor for school.

It is not up to the student only to get acquainted with the environment and perform better but it is a collective responsibility of the parents, teachers and of course the student.

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