Importance Of Tone In Communication Skills

Importance of tone in communication skills is best analysed when there is a business presentation going on. There is lots of material in the form of words in the presentation but if the speaker lacks energy, the audience soon starts getting bored. Can the importance of proper tone, proper energy be ruled out in a business meeting or presentation. 

‘Are O Sambha’ is the one of the most popular dialogues of the Indian film industry not because the words are magical but the way that Amzad Khan delivered it made the dialogue special. The best dialogues from movies became the most

memorable not because of the words but the tone. Importance of tone was addressed by Kadar Khan when he said that he used to teach the actors how to deliver the dialogues, when to take a pause and when to emphasize etc.

Words are powerful but the tone in which the words are spoken is often more powerful than words. Sometimes the maddest of words said in cheerful tone or light tone have different impact upon the person while the

best of words remain ineffective sometimes. The power of words is no doubt a key player but the energy to deliver those words is another key factor behind the success of an individual.

The greatest of leaders always knew how to convey the strongest of words without hurting the people. If you look around you may find people that have the ability to say almost anything to anyone without annoying the other person. Words are used as a mode of communication but the real weapon is the tone that can be used in favour or to end a relationship. 

Pen is mightier than sword. Similarly it may be said that tone is mightier than words. If you try to remember you may find out at least three people getting their jobs done easily and those people have a mesmerizing impact over the others just because the way they speak. This is not the words but the manner or the tone they use for communication.

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