How To Prepare Study Time Table – Student’s Guide

Nerve breaking exam times, tough competition, less time, undefined schedule and less preparation inspire the student to prepare the study timetable. A timetable to study has various benefits but if prepared in an unplanned manner, this may lead to wastage of time and demoralization of the student. However if prepared properly it will improve the will power and inner strength of the student to perform well in exams. Here’s how it may be done: - 

Prepare a lenient timetable.
Leniency is necessary as preparing an ideal timetable only gives the mental satisfaction that the job is done however when it

comes to following the same it turns out to be a complete failure.

Choose the time such that there is no one to disturb
Either make it sure that no one will disturb you or arrange the time that has the least number of people to disturb. The best time is from 10 pm to 8 am as people are generally asleep during those times.

Be cautious while choosing the sequence of subjects
Study those subjects first that you are weak at so that that you may be able to devote full concentration. Arrange an interesting subject between two difficult subjects.

Don’t schedule too much time for one subject

/> Scheduling too much time for any subject may take your interest out of that. Distribute equivalent timings for subjects.

Use flowcharts, diagrams to learn the subject
If you find the subject difficult to learn use flowcharts, diagrams, prepare points to learn the subject. Do this whenever you feel exhausted. This may help to change the mind for some time and will allow you to relax while preparing for the subject.

Justify the breaks
Select ample time for the breaks to keep the mind running. Sit for at least three hours in one sit as this would help you prepare to sit for at least the exam timings which is generally three hours.

Stick to the time table
The final step is to stick to the time table that you have prepared which is toughest of all mentioned above. If you do it, you achieve all that you aspired and gain confidence and will power to perform well.


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