Commerce Or Science – What To Choose After 10th Standard?

There are two reasons why people choose a particular subject, either out of interest or for career. It is not easy for the students to decide what to choose between commerce or science. Majority of times the decisions are career oriented as there are few that are able to recognize the area of interest. When career opportunities are preferred over area of interest the students find themselves nowhere.

To choose a subject there must be a clear insight of what a subject is and an interpretation of the area of interest. Once decided with the subject it is not easy to

get out of that stream as the time and money have been invested in it and after taking a decision people often fear to revert on the track. To know what the subject is the following steps need to be taken: -

1) Understand the subject
Take a note of what the subjects are. Get theoretical understanding of how the subjects would proceed and how the student would have to take him along. Science requires making diagrams, technical drawings etc. while commerce doesn't necessarily require all of those.

2) Discuss with senior students
Senior students inform how the subject is and what their experiences are. They may also tell how they feel after joining the

commerce or science or arts. Information that they may reveal is how the papers are. For example commerce includes calculations of different kind and science requires different kind.

3) Discuss with professionals
Discussion with professionals is helpful as it gives an insight of how the job profile is. What kind of career opportunities, further scope, upcoming sub streams and the competition in the particular field.

4) Analyse
After collecting the data put yourself in a hypothetical position to analyse how you would have reacted in such situations. If the conditions match with your interest, you may excel in that particular field otherwise the decision is yet to be thought upon. 

General trend followed in India is those who get better academic percentages opt for science and the others look for arts and commerce. Other reason for choosing commerce and arts is because of their parents for example if the father is CA (Chartered Accountant), he would like his son or daughter to become another one and join him in his business. There are few that really know why they are opting for the subject.

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