5 Reasons For Keeping Animals In Zoo For Animal Welfare

Are there any valid reasons to keep animals in zoo? Why keep animals in zoo? What are the reasons to keep animals in zoos? Is it logical to keep animals in zoos? To some extent, yes. Animals that are in zoo are immediately brought into attention of the zoo owners or zoo management whenever they face problems. Though some might argue that keeping animals in zoo is an offence on their liberty and against the rules of Mother Nature yet there are reasons why it is helpful for the animals to keep them in zoo.

1. Medical facilities
It is the

responsibility of the zoo management to take the best care of all the animals at their zoo. To ensure this not only routine medical check-ups are carried out but the animals are looked after immediately in the event of an emergency.

2. Informative for kids and others
What the children learn from books or videos is best understood when they are able to see it practically. It is not only for fun but also for information of all those who haven’t ever seen specific animals.

Also it gives mental pleasure to see them relaxed in whatever space they are provided with.

3. Protection of endangered species
Endangered species are taken the best care so as to protect them against extinction. Sometimes it happens that the female can’t get a male for reproduction, at such instances the zoo team helps them regenerate their species.

4. Helps in further studies
It helps in researches and further studies on the species that are available which may help in developing medical facilities for them and understanding them better for their betterment.  There is no harm to the animals as they are counted and no hunting or harming would easily happen in a zoo.

5. No prey no predator
There is neither a prey nor a predator. No rule of jungle. Each animal has its life to enjoy. The only limitation is of space. They don’t have to fear for life. They may live happily as long as they want to.

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