Advantages Of Giving International Aid To Poor Countries

Poor countries also known as third world countries have varieties of issues related to development. While the role of international organizations is not only to maintain peace but also to aid each other if there is any need. Following are the advantages of providing international aid to poor countries.

Improving their Economic Condition
By aiding them financially the government of such countries might make the use of the resources available at their countries and in turn generate revenue. Proper planning and investment may improve their economic conditions.

Natural Calamities
Due to poverty and increased population such countries don’t have enough funds and

resources to support their people in the events of natural or catastrophic emergencies. At such instances if the international aid is provided lives of at least some people could be saved.  Organizations such as WHO play important role at those crucial times.

Political Background
Such countries do not usually have good political background. They are either still serving some nation or have recently gained independence. While there are still those that

are free from around 50 years but not developed to get their nations out of troubles. If such nations somehow develop themselves with the international aid provided they could also have their voices too.

Raising Awareness
Such countries often don’t have control over their population. Population problem is the major cause of poverty and unemployment at such areas. Due to which the youth of the nation prefers leaving the country which in turn spoils the image of the nation as well as restricts the growth.

Aids from international organizations raise awareness, build up their confidence to grow up, and try to make sure they are not influenced or some other nation is not eyeing on their rights. International aids aim at the benefit of the poor countries and the benefit of the citizens of those nations.


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