Importance And Disadvantages Of Groups And Organizations

Groups and organizations have shown immense growth in the past century and those without groups are still forming or registering their groups. Why are the groups becoming so important that people don’t think before being part of them? Auto rickshaw drivers, religious parties, political groups and other social organizations are important as well as present certain disadvantages to the society.

Importance of Groups or Organizations

The Power of Union
Unity is strength. What one alone cannot do is easily done by a group. When there are hundreds or thousands of people dedicated for the same cause the chances of failure is less.


Chances of Harassment
Groups have played an important role in harassments of the weak. Being a part of the group they hold the same power as the strong.

Everyone in the group has a confidence that he/she is not alone. There are others to standby his or her side in case anything goes against him. A person that is out of confidence is full of confidence when in group.

It is not easy to harm the member of a group. For example the workers registered under the worker union can’t be harmed or expelled by the employer unless a specific reason is there to support their decision.

Groups and organizations provide financial support and emotional support as well in the event of any crisis. There is a support of a leader. Groups have supports of political parties too which support their cause sometimes.

Not only in case of social groups but in business groups also there is a better

co-ordination than working alone. The thoughts from each member of the group bring out something new and productive. 

Disadvantages of Groups or Organizations

Being bullied by someone is not a very good thing to hear. The powerful groups have been observed to misuse their power often bringing out a major disadvantage of groups. 

Groups Clash against Each Other
Groups supporting the same cause also clash against each other sometimes which is not for a cause but to make the group popular or dominant.

Clashes inside the Group
Clashes also arise in the groups for varieties of reasons such as leadership claims. This may also lead to formation of yet another group supporting the same cause. This harms the strength of the original group.

It is good to go on strike for the right cause but sometimes the groups go on strike when they are not right. For example recently Mumbai Auto Rickshaw Union went on strike because the police had caught some of the meters in the auto rickshaws running fast.

Loss to Public
Ultimately this is a loss to public. The disadvantages of groups are always against the common mass as the groups were meant to support them.

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