Classic (old) Movies Vs. New Hindi Movies

There are many who say that all old films were alike and these days the movies produced are closer to originality with different stories and experimental approach. The old movies were all romantic and had nothing new in them. Do you agree with this statement?

Classic Hindi movies or the old films were not of a similar kind. Movies like Anupama, Aakhri Khat, Anand, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Teesri Kasam, Shree 420 etc. were no similar kind. There have been experimental movies in the past too and some of them became the classics.

While there have been movies like Paa, Joggers Park, Nishabd

and Cheeni Kam that have shown a different approach to Indian movies but it is not that there was a lack of good movies with a different touch in the old Hindi films.

Remember Golmal, Angoor, Chashme Badoor and Chupke Chupke for the wonderful presentation. Then there were action movies with great storylines (not just the firing of bullets and technological show off) like Deewar, Coolie and Shaan.

The new Hindi film industry is busy in making

or has made the remakes of many old hit movies like Chashme Baddoor, Don, Himmatwala and Golmal. Had there been nothing new in the old movies why would the remakes of most of the movies get success at the box office?

Movies by Raj Kapoor, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, V Shantaram and other legendary people were beyond comparison. It is not that I am getting biased but trying to put my point. Old movies had their own charm and their own style. Dialogues had a major role to play there. Could you ever forget the dialogues of Damini.

New Hindi movies are coming out with something new and are trying to get closer to originality and they are doing that well however it is not that this is something new and was not done in the past. If Black and Barfi were produced in the new era, there were movies like Koshish (Sanjeev Kumar) in the past. 

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