Disadvantages Of Giving International Aid To Poor Countries

While some might argue that providing international aid to poor countries is essential to make earth a better place to live on, there certainly are some disadvantages that may not be overruled. For example sometimes it is said that the donors are benefited more than the recipients. It may or may not be true but that is just a part of the discussion. Following are the disadvantages of giving international aid to poor countries.

Countries that act as receivers usually become dependent on the outside support. In this process they lose their influence and are bound to make some unwanted

decisions sometimes. Also once they start taking support it becomes very difficult for them to get out of debt and become self-dependent.

Misuse of Resources
It may happen that the resources in a recipient country are utilized better by the donor country and the recipient country stays where it was ever before. This way they keep continuing to seek the international aid while their wealth is taken away by the


Don’t Fight Natural Calamities
When they are sure that international organizations for welfare of humanity will come to support them if there is any natural calamity they don’t put much effort towards controlling or preventing such failures to minimize losses.

There are nations that are prone to natural disasters yet they try to maintain their stand against the nature. Japan and The Netherlands are two of such nations that are surviving just because of the remedial measures that they have taken. 

They Lose Their Voices 
It becomes difficult for them to raise their voice. It often happens that the dominating countries are those that are more developed. The poor countries seldom get a chance to challenge a decision and when they are getting support from some organization they lose their opinions and maintain what is being said to them.

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