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Group Study vs. Studying Alone What is better?
Published By archit on 2012-04-03 3433 Views

Some students like to study with a group of friends while some like to study alone. Each of them has benefits and limitations of their own. What the parents want is their son or daughter shall succeed in the examination so they leave it up to them most of the times which option to choose.

To start with the benefits group study offers it may be said that sometimes while studying alone it happens that something just doesn’t get right. The concept doesn’t get clear. Sometimes that concept is the key to study the remaining chapter. Such doubts may clear easily during a group study as different minds are available to resolve the issue.

If the group is serious the one who knows the least about the subject gets to know something. Technical discussions or theoretical discussions involve the listener too and the discussions are better understood than theory readings. Despite all those benefits there are limitations to group reading.

When Johnny was in college he used to go to his friend’s house for group study. During the first hour they used to discuss about others and the next hour they spent in tea and snacks. Group study often gets off track. A group without relevant discussions can’t study.

While studying alone a student is not bound to study or discuss what the group is. He may study as long as he wills to and he may quit when he wants to. He may take a break according to his will. The problem is when there is a doubt. But that doubt can be noted down for the next day.

Better discussions can be held in group study but better study is studying alone. So the best option is to study alone and then study in group for a defined period of time where group discussions and doubt clearing activities may be done.

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nasir_khan says :

Group Study is better than alone study because one can get the benefit of other colleague

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Lightningforce says :

I like your post a lot and very interesting read. Thank you for doing the post and have good day

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