How To Reach Kawai In Rajasthan

Kawai is located in Taluka Atru, District Baran in the state of Rajasthan, India. The place is being visited by many these days due to the huge power plant project being set up by Adani Group in Kawai. Kawai was not one of the most popular places in Rajasthan however this place is making a name these days for the above mentioned reason. How to reach Kawai?

By Rail
For those who want to go to Kawai by rail, the nearest well connected railway station is Kota. Distance of Kota from Kawai is around 120 km. Taxis from Kota are easily

available and people in Kota are well aware about the Adani Power Plant (at least those whom I contacted). It would take around two and a half hours to reach from Kota to Kawai. Trains are also there to reach from Kota to Kawai. Train would take approximately 4 hours as informed by the local people
there. Guna railway station (in Madhya Pradesh) is around 85 km from Kawai.

By Road
Being located by NH 90, state transport buses are easily available for Kawai. District Baran is the nearest city to Kawai located around 50 km away. Road to Kawai is good until Baran but from Baran till Kawai the condition of road is not very good. By bus it would take more than 3.5 hours to reach Kawai from Kota.

By Air
Nearest airport to Kawai is either Jaipur or Bhopal. Jaipur is located around 350 km from Kawai and Bhopal is approximately 250 km. Taxis are available from there.
There are not many options to stay in Kawai. Make sure you have planned well before you travel to Kawai. Those who wish to travel to Kawai have the nearest option to stay at Baran. Baran could be a better place as compared to Kawai.

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