Basics Of Palmistry – The Phalanges Of Fingers

Generally, each finger is divided into three parts more commonly known as phalanges. These are the joints of the fingers that contain important information about the individual’s behaviour in public and in person. This also represents the inclination of the person towards material and spirits. Here’s how to analyse the phalanges while interpreting the fingers: -

There are three phalanges i.e. the upper phalange, middle phalange and the lower phalange. The upper phalange is the one that is located in the nail portion of the finger. This reflects the mental abilities of the person. This is the reason why the fingers

shape is analysed after confirming the shape of the upper phalange.

For example if the upper phalange is conical it reflects mental interests while if it is square it reflects the worldly behaviour or the materialistic interests of the individual. The upper phalange if larger than the other phalanges in all the fingers reflects the person is more deviated to activities that require mental abilities.

The middle phalange reflects the individual’s ability towards business. If this portion of the finger is larger than the other phalanges then it may be predicted that the person can succeed in business. The area of interest in the business may be interpreted by finding which finger has the longest middle phalange.

The third and the lowermost

phalange reflect person’s desire to fulfil his materialistic beliefs. If this phalange is long then the person is more money than emotions. If this phalange is rounder and bigger in all the fingers and the mount of Jupiter is elevated than the person loves to eat.

As a basic rule it must always be remembered that accurate palmistry predictions come out of the combined interpretation of two or more features in hand. For example if the middle phalange in the fingers is longer but the line of head is inclined towards already elevated Mount of Moon and the shape of hand is conic, then it may not be true that the person does business.

Such person would certainly have interest but the other features indicate the imaginary nature of the person so this person would keep making plans but would do nothing or if at all he does he would not sustain it. Therefore, it is essential to understand the process flow of palmistry to learn basic rules of palmistry, palm analysis and accurate predictions.

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