Plant Layout & Safety Considerations

A proper plant layout is inevitable in minimizing the spread of hazards and plays a prominent role in reducing the amount of loss that could have taken place in and out of the plant premises.

It feels disheartening that it is very difficult to change conditions for the plants that have already been commissioned and for the plants that are located in congested areas. Older areas were not planned and as result there is lesser scope of improvement due to the unavailability of space.

Another problem is that most of the occupancies now days are hired on rent since it is not

always affordable to set up a plant as per one’s particular requirements due to some practical reasons.

The newer industrial areas, residential areas, commercial areas etc. are tried to be taken care to be as per standards. The government of India has implemented several steps that have enabled the builders and developers to stick to the standards resulting into safer layouts.

Though not much can be done about the already constructed structures, following can be deliberated while planning a new project whether industrial, commercial or residential:

Exposure to natural perils: must be one of the prior considerations while the

occupancy is under the planning stages. Natural perils include flood, wind/cyclone, earthquake; climatic conditions etc. always pose a threat to the plant that is constructed in such an area. For e.g. a building in Jaipur or Calcutta is less prone to Earthquake than a building in J&K or Bhuj.

Also, fires are reported more in summers than in winters due to the higher temperatures. Thus it may be commented that chemical factories or solvent extraction plants are best suited where the temperatures are moderate.  

Local Considerations: with respect to riots, strike, terrorism, railway track, airport, etc.
Riots may prove dangerous to the plants operations. Arson and other damages result during riots. Riots often take place in densely populated areas of a city and occupancy located outside the city is less prone. Riots may also result in rural areas when small communities try to settle their dispute through a face to face battle. Please refer the following link to continue reading.

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