Job Change – Advantages And Disadvantages

Looking for a job change; don’t forget to consider the advantages and disadvantages of changing a job. Getting employed with a new organization has certain benefits but it also brings about certain features that the professionals seldom like. Despite the umpteen career options the level of job satisfaction is going down amongst the employees. In this scenario they often start looking for better job openings so that they get better place to work. Here are some points that must be considered before leaving the job: -


1. Improve salary structure
Salary structure gets a hike of at least 20% in

almost all the cases. It depends on the negotiations with the company that the job seeking candidate does. 

2. Better Designation
Almost every time when one switches the job he gets better designation than he was working at. The only thing to remember here is that sometimes the designations are different at different organizations. For example at ABC Company, the executive is a senior post while at DEF Company, executive is the basic post.

3. Location Change
If the employee wants to get closer to the hometown or to a metropolitan or for any reason he may seek location change with all the other above mentioned benefits.

4. Get Rid of the Manager 
Most of the job changes are to get rid of the manager. Before joining other organization try to collect information about the manager or job change would be of no use.


1. Job Profile
Sometimes when the job aspirants quit the job in a hurry,

they forget to understand the job profile which leads to problems in the future. For example a safety officer when joined a general insurance company as a surveyor had to face problems as he didn’t like travelling.

2. Location
When the decision is taken in a hurry, location is seldom thought upon. For example Johnny got an offer from the world leading car manufacturers. He accepted the offer but he had language problem with the location. As a result he quit the job to return back to his previous job.

3. Tuning with the Manager
If the boss is good at the present company it is not necessary that it would be good at the next company as well. Not everyone knows how to manage the manager.

4. Organizational Environment/Work Culture
Those who have worked in five days a week culture with general shift timings often find it difficult working six days a week in rotating shifts. Moreover the work culture, company policies etc. also matter.

With the help of job portals and referrals it has not remained challenging to join an organization however the decision must be made after proper analysis of the consequences in the future.  

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I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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