Being Bold Needs Guts It Takes Courage To Be Bold

Bold is courageous. Bold is more than just courage. Bold is hard to define exactly but one thing is for sure a bold person stands out of the common mass. Not only does a bold person makes his mark in the community but also succeeds earlier than the others do. The bold accept the change easier than those not of the same kind. Bold make the decision earlier and don’t care of what the others say.

What Poonam Pandey is doing or usually does is being bold (perhaps) as you may see how quickly people came to know about her. The

number of followers of Poonam Pandey equals that of some of the celebrities (on twitter). The discussion is not about being right or wrong. The example of Poonam Pandey was just because everyone knows about her and that is for being bold.

There are other names too, some good and some bad (it is the individual perception) but all of them have this very thing in common i.e., boldness. It is the boldness that differentiates them from the others be it Navjot Sidhu, Rakhi Sawant, Mika or Salman Khan.

While being bold offers the greatest of benefits but it invites

problems too. Some of the greatest of issues were raised out of some very bold statements. Here comes another question. If a person is innocent, is this a sign of boldness. This debatable question is up to you to resolve.

There is another face to boldness too. The greatest saints were bold in their creations and actions. They spoke what they felt irrespective of what the others felt. You may read the Dohas of Kabir or the poems of the Sufis everywhere there is a sign of boldness.

Acharya Rajneesh, more commonly known as Osho, had probably the maximum number of followers in his era and was a celebrated orator. In every lecture of his there were clear marks of how bold he was when he used to deliver lectures.

It takes courage to be bold. While it may make people follow you, at the same time it may get you into the deepest of troubles. How a person handles the troubles and how he takes the issues of his life is what boldness is all about.

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