Before You Come To Delhi Ask Yourself How Expensive Is It To Live In Delhi? Tips & Warnings For Job Seekers & Newcomers

No doubt there are chances for career growth and there are attractive salaries but there are questions that need to be answered before you come and join the party in Delhi. The questions are not strange but the basic questions of basic amenities i.e. food, clothes and shelter. To arrange any of these requires money. How much money do you require to come and settle in Delhi?

The first question – Food in Delhi
Delhi offers varieties of food items to its population. Food is not a problem. The problem is the arrangement of food. Normally people prefer taking tiffin prepared

from their homes to their workplaces. Normally the hotels offer Rajma Rice, Kadhi Rice, Chchole Rice or chapatti at around 40 – 45 INR but you can’t survive on hotel food for too long.

Unlike Mumbai, Delhi doesn’t offer the gas pipeline facility so you have to arrange a gas cylinder which the landlords provide generally for some extra charges. Average expense for food may account for around 2500 INR for two people.

Second Question – Clothing
Clothing is not a specific question. Every city has several shops and it is up to an individual that how cheap or how costly wearing he prefers to wear. However the worthwhile question here is how often the clothes get dirty. One dress a day is a general rule followed in Delhi. If you maintain them well you need not bother much about clothing expenses.

Third Question – Shelter
When it comes to shelter it becomes the biggest question of all. The answer depends on what area you are planning to live at. South Delhi

is generally considered to be the best of areas in Delhi. A house on rent in posh areas of South Delhi may cost from 15000 INR to lakhs of rupees depending on where you choose to live.

Though there are areas like Govindpuri, Dakshinpuri, Okhla that may offer houses on cheaper rent but those areas are so congested that you won’t feel comfort especially when you have come from a smaller town. Water is a major problem in those cheaper areas. Be cautious about choosing a shelter.

The landlord asks for one month security and one month rent in advance i.e. two months’ rent on the first go. If you hired a broker it may cost another month rent (some brokers may negotiate on this). If you are a family you may require more than 45000 INR to live a satisfactory life in Delhi, if an individual 3000 INR may suffice. The level of satisfaction depends on the individuals though.

Delhi is attracting more job seekers than most of the other cities. The recent development in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and other NCR has increased the opportunities for job seekers and business professionals. Being a part of the city without getting a brief knowledge of the culture and traditions of the city may end up an individual in a mess. Get yourself introduced to what a city is and how the life is in that particular city.

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