Why Those Who Start With Nothing Are More Successful?

There are umpteen examples of those who started with nothing and ended up with calling them as greats. They definitely had some qualities that they kept exploring and using them they made their names as legends.
Henry Ford, Sachin Tendulkar, Charles Dickens and the list is endless. The fact that they had nothing in hand made them stronger as they would lose nothing even if they failed. The other thing was that most of those who turned out to be great businessmen or self-employed people thought least of working for a company as an employee.
They believed they were capable

of starting on their own and with nothing in hand they had to think upon how they would do it. I read in some book a few years ago that Henry Ford used to borrow money as he didn’t have much to start up on his own. For this he used a special technique.
He used to borrow money for a longer duration for example say 1 month and returned it with in a period of ten days or fifteen days. Thus he could create an image in the society that he could be trusted while lending money.
On the other hand those who are in service at reputed posts seldom think about starting
something of their own. If somehow they think, they don’t dare to execute the thought. The reason being the job provider provides a handsome salary which would certainly be lost if a new business has to be initiated.
Second reason most of them are not able to know their real area of interest once they are in service. They join a job as their course suggested. Third reason is the non-availability of time or the less available time. The only thing they think upon is the increment and annual incentives which sometimes meet the expectations while sometimes do not.
While those who have nothing in hand fear the least, have nothing to lose, and ample time to sit and plan their way forward. When it comes to servicemen the conditions go worse when a man is married and thinks to have a business of his own.
Those who start with nothing have everything to earn. They keep growing. Even if they lose they don’t dishearten themselves as they had faced the situations when they had nothing in hand. Soon they start employing more people. They keep getting rich while restricting their employees’ growth to a certain extent.


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