Why Preparing Study Time Table Doesn’t Work For Students? - Exam Preparation Tips

The first thing that students do during or before the exams is to prepare a time table to study. The importance of study time table is explained by many however the failure of this has been discussed by only a few. The students while fixing the schedule to study feel that this would solve all of their problems and they have ample time to prepare hard. Does this motivate them to perform well in exams? Let’s find out: -

Those who study hard and prepare throughout the year usually don’t prepare study schedules as they already know the requirements and the

expansion of the syllabus. However since the competition is tough, the sincere students have also started paying interest towards this activity.

When a study timetable is prepared, the timelines to study the subjects are fixed and the student tries his best to prepare a congested schedule. This gives the student a sense of mental satisfaction that the mission is half way through.

The mistake that most of the students make is to keep the minimum time for breaks in their ideal timetable for study. When there are lesser breaks, it becomes difficult for the student to keep the mind fresh and

soon it starts to become exhausted.

Other thing is not all the students are allowed to study as they like. When the older members of the family ask them for some minor works at home the time table is slightly disturbed. This slight disturbance is soon adjusted but this doesn’t work all the times and the slight disturbance becomes major disturbance.

Such events tend to demoralize the students towards their approach. Finally they end up in nothing but to finally prepare randomly as per their choice. The solutions are always in the problem itself.

• Prepare a lenient timetable.
• Choose the time such that there is no one to disturb
• Study the subjects first that are difficult or boring
• Don’t schedule too much time for one subject
• Use flowcharts, diagrams to learn the subject
• Justify the breaks
• Stick to the time table

How to prepare for exams & time table


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