To Lose Employees Is Not In The Interest Of Organization - Importance Of Employee Retention

There are varieties of reasons why employees leave their jobs. While the employees leave the job they join some other organization. A new employee joins when a previous employee has left the organization and the cycle continues. To switch a job is beneficial to the employee but is it beneficial for the organization if too many of its employees kept moving? Here’s a look at how this could hamper the organization and why an organization should think how to retain employees: -

An employee when leaves an organization takes away the experience from the organization to the other. If the employee

had spent five years in the organization it means he was well acquainted with the system and had controls and contacts for the management of the system he had been handling.

Now if a new person joins in, it would take at least a month to settle in and at least 3 – 6 months depending upon the factory/organization size and the individual talent that how fast he gets acquainted with the system.

The other

point is it is not easy to find an adequate person. This may take time and by that time the position will have to remain vacant or to be handled by some not that fit person. Secondly there is cost factor involved with every new joining.  The other professional may charge higher than the earlier person was being given.

Then there are joining formalities that require cost (travel reimbursement, relocation expenses etc.) as well as the time required to join the company. Then there are other formalities such as safety induction, human resources induction and introduction with other departments.

And all the things may go wrong if the person hired is not up to the expected level. No matter how better assessed in the interview sometimes it goes wrong between the subordinate and reporting manager. If the things go wrong in the beginning it becomes very difficult to get them on the right track.  

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