Why Is It Important To Look Good– Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills are not just related to what you speak or listen but also how you present yourself and presentation is not only through words but also through appearance. For example successful interview tips often include dressing styles, marketing people are often the best dressed, organizations have formal dress code etc. To look beautiful is not about complexion, fairness and make up but how to become smart. Why? Let’s find out: -

Try to remember when you had conversation with a person who was not well dressed, appearing dirty and unattractive. Certainly there would have been a raised or increased level

of confidence and an extra comfort zone while you shared your thoughts with him. On the other hand remember when you communicated with someone well dressed, well combed hair and attractive appearance, the confidence level would certainly have not been that high.

There is a reason for those different behaviours. When you dress up well, manage your body well there is a communication directly sent to the other person’s subconscious that this person is well organized and likes things to be in shape. On the other hand the message to the mind on seeing a dirty appearing person is that that person is irresponsible.

This is probably the reason why it

is suggested to the job seekers to manage the appearance in an interview in order to get a job. There is another reason why appearance matters. When you see a dirty person you don’t feel good, while a clean and a person with well managed looks attracts you. Natural good looks are the gift of god but to maintain those is up to the human being.

In an interview room you have a chance to clear the interview on the basis of the exchange of your thoughts but during a party or somewhere where you don’t get a chance to speak you might miss a chance, deal or opportunity due to poor appearance. It also happens that when all are dressed up well in a party only one person badly dressed is in the eyes of all and certainly not for good reasons.

The only way bad dress up can be hidden is with the immense talent that the individual possesses. Majority of times this immense talent stays hidden inside the person as the start of anything holds how the things will play forward.

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