Why I Am Grateful To Common People Of Bihar?

People from Bihar working in other states (more commonly known as Biharis) have done a wonderful job yet unrecognized or unappreciated job for India. Bihar people have reached almost every part of India but somehow they could not reach the four states on the southernmost part of the country. This is the part where you would find yourself trapped in the language barrier. What Bihar people have done is to make everyone aware of Hindi which could greatly reduce the panic in the interiors of many states.

I realized this when I went to Southern part of India (South India) this

time. People there were unaware of Hindi and to my misfortune many of them wouldn’t understand English as well. I was not able to convey my message nor could I understand what the common man said there. I knew four languages (Punjabi, Hindi, English and Marathi) but none of them worked for me there. Thankfully some people were generous enough to understand what I wanted to say and help me in
what I wanted to get.

The strangest thing I faced was when I was travelling from Trichy to Chennai in the state transport bus. Airport was a stop of that bus and when I stood up and said, “Please stop anywhere you find convenient to stop”. I repeated this sentence more than three times until the driver lost his patience and started shouting at me in Tamil. I could not understand so I roared back at him to stop the bus as I was already too far away from the airport.

It is not that I have any problem or hatred but this is a serious issue with in India and the Bihar people have certainly helped it. At least people like us who could only speak Hindi, English, Marathi or Punjabi would get a chance to interact with others. This is ridiculous that there are barriers between the people in the absence of a national language.

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I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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