Why Do People Keep More Than One Mobile Phone? Three Reasons

I always wonder why people keep more than one mobile phone. How many mobile phones are usually required for one person? I would believe one phone was enough but I wonder why people keep more than one mobile phone in their pockets. What is the actual logic behind keeping more than one mobile phone? Different people had different answers to this typical question: -

Answer 1 for keeping more than one mobile phone: -
One mobile phone is the company phone and the other is the personal one. Since the company phone does not allow personal calls, another phone has

to be carried along.

Answer 2 for keeping more than one mobile phone: -
One mobile phone is the smart phone particularly utilized for gaming, music and various applications (apps). The other mobile phone is to receive and make calls. The other phone is generally a simple low cost mobile phone.

Answer 3 for keeping more than one mobile phone: -
In case the network goes off, the other phone with a different SIM card might help. One of the reasons why some people prefer dual SIM card phones too.

Majority of people whom I asked replied with the above

reasons. Whatever the reason be, keeping two mobile phones at the same time is not easy (for me at least). Does this mean that keeping more than one mobile phone increases the dependency on the mobile phones?

At some points I argued that the company mobile does not prohibit from making personal calls. Personal calls can be made but not so much that the personal calls reflect high in the bill. Mobile phones are there to make calls.

I also argued that choose the best network connection rather than keeping more than one connection. When there is a network problem it is generally with all networks. Rarely does it happen that one service provider has the network and the other doesn’t.

Arguments would never end.

People prefer to listen to music, play games, browse the internet or do any other thing on their mobile phone rather than sharing conversation with their co-passengers or reading books, newspaper or magazine. If the same thing goes on, Could we live without mobile phones? 

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