Why Career In Engineering? 5 Reasons To Become Engineer

The number of engineering colleges and the variety of engineering courses are increasing so fast that there will be a time when in every house there will be an engineer. Engineering courses have attracted many students in the recent years and the educational loans have helped them fulfil their dreams of getting enrolled in an engineering course. It is not just following the crowd but there are reasons for people to choose engineering as a career option. 

1) Wide range of subjects to choose for engineering
Subjects that the engineers can opt for have a wide range. Nowadays engineering courses are

available in biotechnology, earthquake, textile, safety, fire, rubber, plastics and other non-conventional branches of engineering. The best thing about opting for non-conventional courses is that job is guaranteed with less competition.

2) Wide range of careers in engineering
An engineer is not limited to working in a factory only. Career options for engineers include working as auditors, consultants, advisors, surveyors etc. There are job openings for engineers in shopping malls, hotels, business centres etc. It is up to the engineer where he wants

to work.

3) Easy to get admissions in engineering colleges
With the growing number of engineering colleges in India it has become easy for a student to enrol for an engineering course. The difference is a better college has better faculty and the chances of getting recruited are greater. Nevertheless an engineer never sits idle.

4) Guaranteed jobs in engineering
With the development of construction sector, industrial sector and the information technology there are number of jobs available in the country today. In some areas such as marine engineering, safety engineering, people say there is a shortage of engineers. The only problem is with the salary expectations in the beginning.

5) Engineering takes less time than most of the other professional courses
Engineering courses take lesser time than other conventional professional courses such as chartered accountancy (CA), IAS, company secretary (CS) and MBBS. It takes four years after 12th and the students are open to variety of other courses even after they complete engineering.


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