Why Career In Banking? Problems With Banking Careers

IBPS recruitments, SBI clerical recruitments and opportunities with RBI are some of the most sought after career opportunities in India. Engineers, management graduates and even working professionals try their hands to somehow get job in the government banking sector. Ladies in particular are interested to enter banking. Despite the entire positive reasons why to enter banks there are some drawbacks that must be given a thought before making a decision. 

1. Constant Career Growth
While majority of private companies have improved and modified their appraisal management system to maintain transparency in performance based annual incentives, government banks still lack this area.

Thus the career growth is somewhat predefined in such careers. 

2. People Lose Innovative Approach
With almost decided career growth people don’t care much to put the best of efforts. They do their jobs and leave for home. It is not that they are not sincere. They do their jobs sincerely but they don’t put that extra bit of innovation to take the business ahead. Their daily routine is almost decided.

3. Unwanted transfers
While they have the request transfer facility those

working at banks face the problem of transfer whenever the bank requires them to move. Sometimes the promotions are linked with transfers that put the candidates in dilemma.

4. Lower Level Staff is Often Overburdened
Lower level staff gets the extra bit of work to do. This is not only the case of bank but is a considerable factor while choosing a bank job. A bank officer has got mental pressure while the lower level staff gets jobs such as data entry, data management etc.

5. Less holidays (only bank holidays and Sundays)
Those working at banks get lesser holidays than those working at other companies. The only benefit here is a holiday at bank means a holiday unlike some of the private organizations that may call their employees on holidays.

5 Reasons to Work at Banks

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