Failure Of Articles And How To Recover - Problems With Article Writing

It is not only the quality of the article that is important but the planning and presentation that bring the success to the author. There are least problems with article writing but the problems are with article selection, keyword integration and tagging. The best of articles are nothing but the author’s perception as he tried to hit hard on that article but somehow it didn’t work. To make money online it is important that the traffic is generated from search engines rather than just from where it’s being written. 

Topic Selection
A writer loves to write what his soul inspires him

to write. It is the best approach but this hasn’t made much success unless it was about the people. People love to read something that could entertain them or help them in some way. If both the elements are missing, even the best of articles would disappoint the author. 

The introduction to the articles decides the whether the readers would recommend it for further reading or whether they would continue reading the same article or not. Introduction should be such that the people are excited to move ahead. 

Important Keywords/Tags
Keywords are important. Though a writer believes in its quality and doesn’t like the support of keywords to promote the articles yet the importance of keywords can’t be ruled out when it comes to search engines. Probably this is why they have fixed the percentage of keywords in the article. 

Length of the Article 
Extended length of the article and short articles need to be very specific. For example short articles may not include all the contents and miss out the things that the reader had searched the article for while the lengthy article may bore him if the article goes out of direction.  

Distribution of

the article 
This is what most of the paid article writing sites suggest. Distribute the article with introduction, body and conclusion. Unless there is a proper flow the article won’t work. 

For an article writer it is not only about money but the admiration from the public that will bring out the feeling of satisfaction to his mind and motivate him to bring more out of him. There are umpteen articles to help out on how to write articles, how to make money online and how to popularize the articles. 

Reading such articles gives an insight of how the approach should be. Remember in the classroom, some people secured very good marks in essay writing, while some of them could do nothing and there were some that didn’t even match the words requirement (length of the essay) yet their topics were in the eyes of their teachers. 

Reasons were simple. Better presentation, sticking to the point, inclusion of examples and clarity of thoughts. The scene on the internet is different but the qualities of an article remain the same. Where the writers make mistake is they focus on getting paid to write articles and they start focusing on the quantity rather than quality. Quality with proper planning is important. 

Problems with Article Writing

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