What Is Royal Rumble Match?

Royal Rumble is one of the most unpredictable, once in a year event organized by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) where 30 men compete against each other for becoming the number one contender for the championship at another grand event Wrestle mania.

The first ever Royal Rumble match was held in 1988 where Hacksaw Jim Duggan emerged as the first winner of the Royal Rumble.

The format of match is such that two contenders enter at the same time one after the other and the match starts. After every 90 seconds another competitor enters the ring and this continues until each one of

the thirty competitors enter the ring.

To win, a wrestler must throw the other wrestler out of ring from over the rope. If the wrestler who is goes from over the rope lands on the ground with both his feet touching the ground then he is eliminated from the match.

In this year Royal Rumble match Kofi Kingston walked on hands to rescue himself from elimination. The last man standing in the ring is

declared the winner. Since this event is held once in a year the response and being an event one of its kind is the most awaited event of the year by WWE.

Royal Rumble is the guarantee to participate in the main event at Wrestlemania and an opportunity for the most desired championship match.

Royal Rumble 2012 was special as it had a different approach this time. They said anyone could participate as a result of which Jerry the King Lawler, Michael Cole and Booker T also marked their presence in the ring though none of them could do much.

The Miz had to enter first as a result of defeat at the hands of R Truth but stayed till long until he was thrown out by Randy Orton.

The first ever winner was Hacksaw Jim Duggan while Royal Rumble match 2012 was won by Sheamus when he successfully threw Chris Jericho over the rope. 

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