What Makes A Boss Happy? Hard Work Or Smart Work

What makes a boss happy? Hard work and smart work both are the essential components for success of a company but then what is it that would make the boss happy.  Don’t jump to the conclusion at once. Think before you make a choice between hard work and smart work. What we have been taught since childhood is to work hard but experience tells us that hard work seldom pays. To make a boss happy, think like a boss. Here’s how: -

Imagine you are a manager or boss of a team. What would you expect from the team? You would

certainly want your team to perform better and better. For this you would require someone who works hard. You would require someone with determination and who takes the ownership of the job.

Next, you would want someone who plans the hard work. You would expect this person to give ideas for hard work. Ideally you should be the person who should generate ideas but if you get such a person he could be of a great help to you.

Third category of people would be those who would do whatever they were told to do. They are not hard workers but they do the work somehow. You would always like to improve the

performance of those team members.

Who of these three kinds of people you would like the most? The answers may vary but my answers would be those who generate ideas. Why? Because they are doing my job; this is what smart working is. Smart workers make their bosses happy by doing their job. They allow the boss to analyse before making a judgement.

Hard workers also do the job of their boss but it is the mental pressure that is the biggest pressure. If there is someone who could generate the ideas and plans for the further implementation it would be the best thing for a boss. What the boss would now require is just to approve the decisions of the smart worker.

Boss is happy when he gets relieved of the mental pressure. What makes a boss happy is when he gets support from his team members. What makes a boss happy is when he gets what he wants from his team members. Everyone could do hard work but the boss would like it the most if the hard work has something special to feel proud of.

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