What Is Gossip Girl?

Gossip girl is a television show based on a book series written by Cecily Von Ziegesar. When the book series on this subject had become popular enough there was a TV series launched in 2007. Since then the show has never looked back in terms of popularity.

Gossip Girl is an American teenage Drama based on the life of upper East siders living in Manhattan. The show starts with the entry of the lead character Serena who had left the town and has returned back there.

Though there are other characters too, the show revolves around five teenage friends attached closely with

each other.

Gossip girl is the narrator. The voice of hers is the only identity that people know. Her narration enables the audience to sneak peek through the lives of these people. Gossip girl collects the news from somewhere about the Upper East Siders and tends to spread it across the whole New York city through its various channels and internet and IMS (Instant Messaging).

The major interest of gossip girl lies with Serena since her life is very happening. Almost daily she was on the gossip

girl radar since the day she returned back into the town. Gossip girl intends to show the inside life high society, their liaisons, their betrayal and their friendship.

Relationship between Blair and Serena is complicated but they show strong signs of friendship, they stand for each other in worst conditions while at times they can be seen sabotaging each other.

Whereas relationship between Nate and Chuck is limited to friendship where they trust each other and try to help as much as possible.

Then there is Dan, a good person who by instance appeared in the Upper East Siders but has his role in relation with the other major characters. Dan is very judgemental to take decision abruptly at times.

Gossip girl has been one of the most profit earning shows, it has also received several teen choice awards for its performance. To know more about the characters of Gossip Girl, please click the link below: - http://expertscolumn.com/content/main-character-gossip-girl

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