What Is Fear And How To Get Rid Of It? – Basic Analysis (contd.)

The best way to get rid of fear is to find the real cause of it. For example there are some who fear particular things. I have heard that Napoleon feared cats. Such fears are known as phobia and related to that particular thing it is known as, for example cat phobia. If that particular cause is identified, then try to figure out why is the fear? It is consequences that present the feeling of fear.

If the consequences are favourable there is no fear at all and vice versa. Why is there the fear of death? The simple answer is

the unknown, mysterious or simply the consequences. A student is afraid of the punishment until he is punished. When punished there is no reason to fear at all.

Follow the same rule. Analyse the consequences. And once analysed the consequences, you would realize that most of the fears were useless. The more you realize the more you will gain confidence and the better will the power of decision making.

For example some fear to go to the boss’s cabin. For the simple fear that boss may assign more work or may yell at however in reality the things may happen the other way. When the subordinate due to any fear doesn’t report the

boss the boss may start feeling that his subordinate is not functioning properly consequently making an impact on the annual incentives.

Once there is no such fear it is easy to manage the manager. It helps in all segments of life. While analysing put a question, ‘what is the worst thing that could happen if taken a decision?’ Assume the worst case scenario. This would help in two ways. Firstly it would give you the confidence to execute the job and prevent you or resist you from what could turn into worst.

Don’t run away from fear. This is the worst thing to do. Face it. Stand in front of it and call it. Remember it is very important to get afraid. If you have stopped feeling it then you are on the wrong track.  

This is a concluding part of the first part of this article. To read the first part, please refer the link below.

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What Is Fear And How To Get Rid Of It? – Basic Analysis
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