What Is Fear And How To Get Rid Of It? Basic Analysis

I have read somewhere that a scientist was researching on the sensitivity of the plants and he had an instrument that measured fluctuations in the vibrations of the plant. Once he thought he would cut some of the branches of the plant the next day and left the laboratory.

From the next day he noticed abnormal changes in the vibrations recorded in the plant and this increased whenever he went near it. The scientist found this interesting and continued to observe the plant behaviour. This continued for a few days until the scientist assumed that the plant is now convinced that

he is not going to harm it.

Everyone in the world has this feeling including the animals and even the plants and trees. There are very few who can say honestly that they don’t fear. Majority of people maintain their fearless attitude for others in the society while they also feel the same thing. The only thing is everyone has its own fear for example some are afraid of lizards, some fear cockroaches, lightning, height etc.


definition may differ but fear in general is related to something in the present that we don’t want to take place in future. For example a boy is slapped by a bully. He may think to return the favour but when he further thinks the consequences he takes his decision back. It is the consequences that prevent a person for moving ahead and this is known as fear.

This feeling is greater or stronger in those who are poor in decision making or in those who are suffering with low confidence level. The importance of fear is that it keeps us safe and prevents from making wrong decisions. But when this safety consciousness increases the normal level, it may be termed as fear as it prevents from making right decisions on time as well. To continue reading, please click the link below: - http://expertscolumn.com/content/what-fear-and-how-get-rid-it-basic-analysis-contd

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