What To Do During Those Sleepless Nights?

Johnny came to know in the evening that he had a meeting the next day with some client that he had not good relations with. The first thing that made Johnny upset was that how to handle the client and why was his colleague putting him into this and the second reason was that the next day was a Sunday. Johnny could not bear this and his mind went active and continued to remain active till 4:00 in the morning. He went so restless that he could not sleep all night and when he finally went asleep there was the

wake up alarm ringing for him.

Each one of us has his own tensions and each one of us has its own way to either get asleep or to pass this impassable time. While some prefer watching television shows or movies, some read books, some simply try to sleep but somehow do not succeed and some take the sleeping pills.

The rate of people suffering from insomnia is increasing day by day. This

is not about how to cure insomnia or how to get rid of insomnia but how to utilize the time which otherwise gets wasted. Watching television or playing videogames is never going to earn you a profit or mental peace.

If you are an article writer, you may write articles during that time. This is best time to write and submit the articles. The mind works the best when under pressure. Divert the pressure into your writing and write positive. Writing negative would again take you on the back foot.

The other way out is to plan bigger. Plan to write a book. There are many these days that are making profit out of their books. Remember the success of Harry Potter or Five Point Someone. Start slowly, plan, and then keep continuing whenever the sleep gets away from you. Whenever you feel sleepy simply go to sleep, otherwise continue writing.

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