What Is Concentration? The Power Of Mind & How To Concentrate

To define the power of mind, Swami Vivekananda once said, “When you say something or think of something with concentration or complete focus of mind, the wish, whatever it may be, will come true”. The only thing he stressed upon was concentration. What is concentration? How to concentrate and How to improve concentration? Let’s find out: -

What is Concentration?
Concentration is that state of mind when the completely focus is upon a particular thing and is clear of all the other thoughts, particularly the doubts. When there is a doubt, it means that the subconscious mind is not ready and

hence the thought remains a thought and doesn’t get real. The power is in the subconscious only.

For example if one desires to fly he can fly but the doubts enter the mind as soon as this is desired and there are obvious reasons for those doubts. I have not seen anyone fly, how I can. The doubts have gone so strong that the subconscious accepts what it has been seeing. Concentration is all about getting rid of the doubts and the thoughts that appear simultaneously with the main focus.

The Power of Mind
It is often said that everything has to be left here. Nothing goes along. Only the soul is the truth. There is one more thing that the soul takes along with it, that is the memories in the subconscious. Subconscious has immense power and unlimited memory that’s why some people can remember the past life.

Try to remember the people that are religious and out of their religiousness one day their deity enters their body and starts communicating with the others. Johnny’s neighbour was a strong follower of Lord Hanuman. One day during the prayer

he started behaving strange. The family members rushed to see what happened.

His voice had changed; he was making the sound of a monkey and his body language was like never before. In other words it may be said that he was trying to personify the character of Lord Hanuman. He said some things and then took his hand up in the air and from out of nowhere produced cashew nuts for everyone present there.

This was unbelievable as this person had never been into magic tricks and his upper portion of the body was without clothes. The quality of cashews was better than those available in the market. How could he perform such an act?  

It is difficult to say whether the deity really enters the body or not but it may surely be said that the subconscious has a big role to play in such events. It is the power of subconscious that helps them perform those unbelievable things and produce those things out of nowhere.

It is not necessary that the deity has to enter the body to perform supernatural acts but to ignite the mind or the subconscious to such level that the desired comes true. The saints through regular practice improve the concentration to such an extent that they amaze their disciples and the common people sometimes.

Read the concluding part of the article How to Practice & Improve Concentration

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