What Is Better – Getting Paid For Posting Articles Or Commenting?

You get paid for commenting on articles and you get paid for publishing articles or posting articles online. Good news? Wait a minute! What would be your preferred option to make money online? The minimum word requirement for publishing an article online at EC is three hundred words while to get paid for a comment is at least more than fifty words. There are two major points regarding this. Here they are: -

This is good that a comment would let the writers earn (one cent for each comment of more than fifty words). This means if you write six comments

you almost wrote an article. For the six cents you were paid once, though quicker than sometimes the articles would get you but the articles keep raising the earnings chart always while the comments do not.

The time that you spend in making your comments meet the requirements of the moderators as well as going through the articles in the same time searching for the articles that you really want to comment would be much more than required in writing an article. The advantage here is that in free time or when there is no mood to write, there would be chances

of making money through writing comments.

Despite the above facts there is a major advantage with active commenting. If you comment regularly at other writers’ posts, there are chances that at least half of them return the favor and those who do not would at least try to know who you were. This would make you more visible in the eyes of others and there could be chances of getting long term benefits of this habit.

Good comments would bring on some keywords which could help increase the chances of getting into the eyes of the search engines as well. Nonetheless this would also encourage the writers that the one who commented had actually read the article and not just passed a comment.

While commenting would be a motivation for those who already were engaged in reading others’ articles it would also ensure that quality of the comments is ensured. There were comments like nice share, excellent job etc. which appeared superficial. This would not be the case now probably. This innovative idea of www.expertscolumn.com would certainly help the writers.


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