Walt Disney Movies – Some Of The Best Ones

There are numerous great movies produced under the Walt Disney banner but when it comes to me there are some that I can always recall: -

1) Tangled
In this movie the princess is kept captive by evil witch with an intention to take advantage of her magical hairs. The princess never knew who her parents were and what a free life is like, so she escapes from the evil witch and meets a thief who helps her get to meet her parents.

2) The Lion king
Story of a young cub estranged from his family that does not know the rules

of jungle that mighty always win. It is a mighty one, but the small cub has several threats like his evil uncle since his father is dead. The cub i.e. Samba is brought up by other two jungle animals who take care of him and help him to get the throne of The Lion King.

3) Pirates of Caribbean
A story of Pirate ship and its captain Jack Sparrow is basically an adventure movie series where

Jack faces various problems including other pirates as well as government forces. He also meets different people during this and makes several enemies.

4) Beauty and the Beast
This is a classic tale of beautiful Bella and a marred Beast who wants someone to love him since he is very lonely. When Bella makes a deal with the beast in order to save his father, the household of beast becomes excited, since coming of this new girl can help their master to gain its old self. This is a must watch classic animation movie from Disney house.

5) 101 Dalmatians
The attraction of this film is the story of a family with Dalmatians that loves them. As required in a movie there is an evil person who wants to take the skin of these Dalmatian so that she has her own designer clothing of animal fur. This movie shows the feelings of a loving family towards their pet.

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