Vampire Series Top 5 Must Read Book Series

1) Black dagger brotherhood series by J.R Ward

This Series is focuses six brothers, vampires as well as warriors. Based on present day environment, vampires have been reflected as the warrior princes who have to save their civilization/race against the lesser ones or Slayers.
This series entered market when every other book mentioned Slayers as the good ones and the Vampires as the baddies. This series revolutionized the trend and brought change in the mind-set of readers about Vampire and Slayers.

2) Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight series is one the most successful all time romantic vampire Werewolf based book series. The

major focus is on types of vampires i.e. good ones and bad ones. The series has also depicted into super hit movie series. This romantic story revolves around a vampire, a girl, a werewolf, their strange relationship and the challenges they face from their respective societies. 

3) The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith
This book series is a tale of two vampire brothers and a human girl. Both of them are in love with the same girl Elena Gilbert as they had relation with girls resembling Elena. One of the

two brothers sucked animal blood only while the other had no such restrictions on him. He would fulfil his requirements for blood from almost anywhere.
There is an involvement of witch also who happens to be Elena’s friend. A television series also has telecasted based on this novel. 

4) The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd by Heather Brewer
This is about a teenage boy who is about to become a vampire. The book explains how the transition takes place in him from a human to a vampire. He had to face some enemies as they supposed he would become the most powerful amongst them.

5) Vampire Kisses By Ellen Schreiber
Vampire Kisses is another teenage love story of a human Goth girl who had always dreamt of becoming a vampire by marrying a handsome vampire boy. This is all about how she proceeds and prepares herself in this direction and whether she succeeds lies in the end of this book. 


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