A Tribute To Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol is better known for the likes of action packed movies that are originating yet again. What the South Indian based Bollywood movies are doing now; Sunny Deol did in his early years and kept mesmerizing his audience until his last movies. Don’t trust me; try to recall the performance of this man in Ghatak, Ghayal, Zor, Ziddi, Arjun Pandit and the list goes on. Infact, Damini was such a wonderful movie yet it was all about the rocking dialogues of Sunny Deol.

Sunny Deol is the son of another great action hero Dharmendra and the brother of yet another

action hero (though not fully), Bobby Deol. 

Though some of his movies did not perform well at the box office yet they are most loved by the audience at home. Movies such as Arjun Pandit were definitely enjoyable where a simple man actually speaking Hindi seeks the love of a girl called Nisha.

The action never lacked the support of a good script and the rest was all the energy that Sunny Deol

brought in. Some of the most famous dialogues from the movies of Sunny Deol are: -

“Mard ban ne ke itna hi shauk hai Katya, to kutton ka sath lena cchod de”

“Chaddha, samjhao inhein, aise khilone to bazaar mein bahut bikte hain, magar inhein chalane ke liye jo kaleja chahiye, wo mard apne sath le kar paida hote hain”

The manner in which Sunny Deol used to deliver the dialogues was never harsh. His voice was sweet yet firm whenever he spoke. Audience always enjoyed his breathtaking performance and when he became angry on screen. “Main Indian Hoon, Indian”.

The intensity that Sunny Deol used to bring on the silver screen was simply unmatched. His style of dialogue delivery is often the most used by mimicry artists. Sunny Deol was recently seen in Yamla Pagla Deewana with Dharmendra and Bobby Deol.

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