A Tribute To Ak Hangal – One Of The Finest Actors Of Bollywood

Avtar Kishan Hangal, better known as AK Hangal in bollywood performed mostly as the older/elder member of the family. The class of AK Hangal in the roles of an elderly person was never less than the other great performers of his era like Ashok Kumar, Om Prakash and Shri Ram Lagoo.

AK Hangal played almost all the elderly roles including father, grandfather, uncle and even great grandfather. Not only did Hangal Sahab act in movies but he also displayed his talent in some television serials such as Yug (on DD1).

Such was the legend of AK Hangal that the dialogue, “Yaha Itna

Sannata Kyon Hai Bhai” which had nothing special became so popular that it is remembered even after more than 30 years of film release. It was the magic of AK Hangal’s humble dialogue delivery.

Some of the greatest movies (films) in which AK Hangal performed include: -

• Sholay
• Sharabi
• Avtaar
• Namak Haraam
• Heera Panna
• Satyam Shivam Sundaram
• Tapasya
• Aap ki Kasam
• Abhimaan and many others

He was also awarded Padma Bhushan award for his contribution to the Indian Film Industry. AK Hangal as an

actor proved a true legend in the category of roles he performed. When he played the role of a freedom fighter in the sequence when he was on hunger strike (in Yug) it truly reflected how close he used to get to the roles.

There may come many brilliant actors and performers but there would be perhaps none to match the level of AK Hangal. He was an actor of his own class. AK Hangal performed in more than 200 Indian movies.

Not many actors could easily match the career span that AK Hangal had, despite a late start of course. Many say that he appeared in movies in his late forties. Probably this is the reason why he always got the roles of older person. Nonetheless, AK Hangal can’t be replaced by anyone. He has and will always live in the memories of people for the greatest contribution to the Indian Cinema.


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