Transgender Women Can Participate In Miss Universe Contests

The revolutionary decision by Donald Trump regarding the participation of Jenna Talackova in the Miss Universe Contest this year aired a wave of discussions all over the world. It is pleasantly astounding that transgender women can now participate in the Miss Universe pageant from the next year.

Transgender is a male to female or female to male physical transformation. They are also known as Trans-men or Trans-women in short. With transgender women participating in the beauty contests it would allow them to explore and liberalize themselves in yet another way.

Majority of Trans-men or Trans-women have been reported saying that they didn’t

feel comfortable in their bodies. Just because God had given them the bodies they had to adjust somehow. With the technological advancements they could undergo gender reassignments but could not get the civil liberties or the rights in the society that they should have got remaining the same.

After a person rests in peace the soul searches for yet another body where it can begin a new life. It has been mentioned in

some such research books that usually a woman’s soul enters a woman body and a man’s soul enters a man’s body. The reincarnation stories also have revealed this fact.

When a woman’s soul enters a man’s body it has the body of the man but the habits and likings of a woman. The reason is simple. The subconscious has brought with it the memories of previous lives that it lived. This is the reason why some naturally born females become Tomboys and some naturally born boys behave like girls.

This is an arguable issue no doubt however this has opened gates and space to live comfortably and get the rights that they deserved being human. Gender reassignment alone is not the decisive factor to discriminate them from others. After all physical transformation does not change the fact that those people are also human.

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