Train Your Dogs/puppies - 6 Easy Ways To Take Care

When a dog pup is born it has his eyes closed for about 15 – 20 days. This is the time when their masters should remain active. During this period their mother feeds them but to ensure that everyone is at its place is the role of the master. As this is the only period of time they probably would spend with their mother. Sometimes when they are hungry they might not be able to trace their mother as their eyes are closed.

Since they are new to the system, Puppies often require some basic induction to make them well acquainted

with the rules, regulations and procedures followed in the house. Here a look at how this can be done: -

1. A Place to Eat and Sleep
Basic requirements are the same for a pet and a kid. Both of them require their own place where they could eat, sleep or relax. Be careful while selecting such place that it is clean and provides a supply of fresh air to the dog/puppy. Interference is objectionable and the place shall be defined for them i.e. no frequent changes allowed.

2. Limit their boundaries initially
There are some places in your area where you won’t want their presence. For example some people don’t think that pets should enter the place where they worship. Keep the space closed or take the dog/puppy out whenever it tries to enter that space. Tell him not to do that again. They understand once you repeat this action twice or thrice.  

3. Use of firm tone of voice
It is not necessary to shout over

them unless they are deaf but use a firm tone of voice to instruct them. Not everyone using the firm voice is the master of the house. Make the dog understand this. Let him recognize who is the one that is going to rule him or command and from where the orders should come to it.

4. Timetable for their food
In many ways small pups are like kids. They should have a proper timetable for meals; they should be given various small meals rather than a full meal. Full meals at younger ages can make them fat. Obesity is good for none similar is the case with the puppies.

5. Regular exercise is good
It is good for new pups to have their regular exercise schedule. The body at younger age requires exercise to utilize it to the fullest. It is the time making their bones and muscles strong and to achieve their maximum physical growth as possible.

6. Importance of supplements and shots
Dogs require calcium and other supplements which can be often provided to them from outside i.e. other than food these supplements can be added to their regular food so that they do not suffer deficiency. Time to time vaccination of dog is very important since there are very harmful diseases even for pet dog. One may even consult to veterinarian for making a proper diet chart for its better health.

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