Effective Cv Preparation Tips: - How To Include Roles & Responsibilities In Resume/cv

When it comes to preparation of CV for any professional there have to be incorporated the roles and responsibilities handled or performed at the previous companies.

This is not only limited to inclusion in CV but also is an important question in the interview. Moreover the CV gets shortlisted on any job portal when the recruiters find the job responsibilities as per their requirements.

Following are some of the tips how to include the roles and responsibilities: -

The newspapers and job portals when they post job openings mention certain points to be included in the job profile. Include all those that fit

into your area. Remember, there are certain keywords that would help you get into the interview.

Getting into an interview is not all but you may have to answer or explain the responsibilities there. Before going into that room try to think what exactly you used to do while you were in those companies. It may become frustrating if you could not answer what was written on you CV.

Arrange the job roles in such a manner that the best part or your strengths are in the starting or in

the middle. Avoid including those you were not good at. Don’t write anything for the sake of writing. CV is not an essay writing competition where you have to complete a definite set of words.

Try to keep the roles and responsibilities to the shortest sentences possible. This would prevent you from unnecessarily getting into the trap of the interviewer. You may follow the same rule if asked about what has been written.

When going into a different company you may seek higher position and more money therefore you may have to handle extra responsibilities. In order to present yourself better you may also mention the roles that you were not directly involved in but you had known because of your department involvement.

The ending suggestion is to keep the vocabulary simple. None of the interviewers is impressed by bulky words or sentences. Don’t complicate the things, go simple, talk simple and keep yourself simple as you are.  

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