Tips To Clear Interviews (for Fresher And New Professionals)

Interview is to exchange the views. It goes best when views are exchanged on both sides of the table. The first step is to relax your nerves and start thinking as if you are going to meet some interesting fellows inside.
There are numerous thoughts and coaching classes on how to clear an interview with majority of them focusing on disciplined approach to appear in interviews. Here are some of the experiences that are slightly different than the usual approach but have proved highly efficient: -

Prepare your CV by your own
Don’t just copy and paste the CV from your

friend or from the internet. Prepare your CV so that when you would be asked a question from that paper you won’t get puzzled. To know more about CV preparations please refer the following link (after reading this article).

Don’t prepare absolute answers for the questions
There are certain questions that are commonly asked in an interview such as ‘about yourself, strengths, weakness’ etc.
To prepare for these questions give yourself time to realize who you are and memorize all that you can since your birth. This would prepare you for most of the questions that the interviewer may ask you. Never hesitate to tell your weaknesses. Everyone has them. What is expected is whether you know them and if you know them what are the efforts that you have put into getting rid of them.


Don’t think only about yourself

of what the interviewer might have been feeling when he has interviewed many of you already and some still waiting outside for their turn. It is not easy to interview people particularly when most of them come with obvious answers for questions.
The interviewer wants to begin the conversation so he uses some ice crackers to get the conversation going. While most of the candidates take it on a serious note and never leave a chance for the interviewer to take a question out of the answer.
The best way is to greet the interviewer with a smile with a light comment on either their efforts in the interview room or anything in particular they are associated with. Remember not to comment on their personal attire.
Importance of outfits in an interview
Outfits are important however it is your interpersonal skill that takes you through. Don’t rely entirely on the outfits. There have been instances that people with not so good outfits have cleared the interviews leaving behind the most intelligent and the finely dressed. For more on this topic please refer the following: -


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