Things You Need To Know When Going To Watch Horror Movie In Cinema Hall

Do you know the manners and etiquettes of watching a horror movie in a cinema hall? Horror movie is all different experience. When you pay for a movie you expect the horror (or that particular element) to surround you and all the experience that you could not have experienced at your home. Another thing is unlike other genres of movies, a horror movie requires silence in the surroundings. When you go for a horror movie do you actually think of other people or just about your fun?

There are people that make lots of noise in the cinema hall and that

spoil the total entertainment. The moment someone starts murmuring behind or by your side you start feeling uncomfortable. Bigger issue is when people start laughing at the best horror scenes or the best dialogues that the horror film could offer to entertain the audience.

It is the horror film that makes people face fear. Only a horror film has the capability to let people experience fear by paying for it. Otherwise who wants to get afraid?

This is the excitement and the thrill of a horror movie. Laughing in a horror movie is ridiculous at times for the others watching the same movie in the same hall.

Some people who would have already watched the movie, start commenting and telling the stories to their fellow audience and the voice reaches the one sitting next to them. This voice seldom pleases anyone.  This may be ridiculous as the whole suspense or drama created is all lost. If you have already watched the movie why at all did you come to watch the film?

To know the proper manners to watch the movie is very important. One should know how to keep quiet and let the others enjoy the movie. None has come there to enjoy your commentary from behind or your dialogues in between the movie.

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