Supernatural Paranormal Story Of Two Brothers

Supernatural is a popular TV series on CW, based on paranormal supernatural stuff. This show is a story of two brothers in the middle of struggle between God and Demon.

Dean and Sam Winchester are two brothers trained by their father to combat the supernatural and paranormal creatures. They had to survive on their own as their father went missing since the opening episodes of the show. As Dean is elder he is more experienced than Sam. There is another character in the show Uncle Bobby Singer who is always there to help them.

The Older Brother - Dean

Dean is the older

but tougher of the two brothers. He had been very close with his mother until she was killed when Sam was only a few months old. Later in the show, Dean’s father makes a self-sacrificing deal with the Demon to save Dean to leave Dean with that burden forever in his life.

Dean has always loved his brother and took care of him from the moment when their father went somewhere. He decided to go back to Sam so that they could work together until their father comes. Unfortunately their father dies to leave them alone with no personal lives either.

The Younger Brother - Sam

Sam is younger by birth, calm and cool by nature. He was studying law when

Dean approached him to search their father. Sam doesn’t show much interest initially but when Sam’s girlfriend is killed in the same manner as their mother was, he decides to quit studies and live on roads with his brother.
Sam is more of the person who believes in research in proper way. He knows some ancient languages; he always helps Dean to stay clear of trouble. He is also little emotional at some events.

Bobby Singer is the only loyal friend and so called relative of these boys. Originally the friend of their father, Bobby used to be a mechanic once, but now a hunter helps to solve the supernatural cases and often provides them with leads.

The show presently in its 7th season is doing great. The present plot is on between Sam with his soul in hell in the cage of Michael and Lucifer while the body of Sam continues its work on earth. In heaven the struggle is on between the angels for throne. Sam and Dean are trying to stop apocalypse with the help of their angel friend Castile.


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