Study Alone To Get Good Marks In Exams?

Preparing for exams? Do you prefer group study or studying alone? If you want to get good marks in exams you have to choose group study or studying alone. You have to decide whether group study is better than studying alone. While many would say group study is better than studying alone yet when you study alone you have several advantages over group study. Here’s how: -

When you study alone, you may concentrate in a better manner than you could in a group study. The reason is simple. When there is someone around you, particularly your friend, can you concentrate.

I have seen most of the times that those studying in group keep discussing everything but study.

The exceptions to this are when the person around you is your family member or room partner, and when you are explaining or understanding a topic. To study alone allows the mind to take time to everything.

Those who study alone apply their minds first to understand the problem or if they have any difficulty while those studying in groups

have an easier option. They could ask whenever they face any problem or they are in need of a solution since people are there around to help them. To get a solution is good but without applying mind, it is of no use in examinations.

The important thing is that you get the concept right. If you get the concept than you may study anyway you will get good marks in exams (provided that you write there too). To study alone provides you the time to think over, come up with your solutions while group study provides you an easier alternative, friends to talk and what else to say if the group has one unwanted member.

Study alone to get the concept right and when it doesn’t seek help from your friends through active discussions in classrooms or general talks. Group study is actually beneficial when there is a discussion between already prepared individuals. 

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