Space Exploration – Useful Or Waste Of Money

Space exploration requires money but it does try to find the future options for the survival of humans. Threats like global warming and supernova are already raising curiosity amongst the people of how long would the life on earth survive. Researches like finding possibilities of life on Mars are an example under this category.

Space exploration means to explore the space other than earth be it other planets, galaxies, comets, satellites and anything in outer space. It is because of space exploration researches by the astronomers and the scientists that the world knows the planetary bodies around the earth. This technology

however requires money for varieties of reasons. Is space exploration useful or waste of money? What are the advantages and disadvantages of space exploration?

To explore living beings other than earth has always been a matter of fantasy which can never come true without space exploration. Astronomers research, travel and try to find out any other species that lives anywhere in the universe other than the earth. This is only possible by the exploring the space.

Space exploration provides students the knowledge and interest to make name for themselves in the future and a career opportunity to thrive for. This is an interesting career opportunity for many and provides chances

for those who want to make name in the world.

Space exploration helps the nations become independent. It empowers them with various resources utilized at earth. For example if a country has its own satellite it doesn’t have to rely on other country’s satellite to give a weather forecast or any other job related to satellites.

Discovery of new gases, metals and other resources that may help the earth in one way or the other is also an aspect of space exploration. If a useful element is discovered that is rare on earth and in plenty on that planet or in that particular space, there may be possibilities that ways should be sought to bring that element to help the earth.

Despite all those benefits, space exploration is a matter of competition amongst the nations. It is a matter of prestige that a country has N number of satellites and has N number of space research centres. When it comes to competition the benefits are taken over by the egoistic approach which doesn’t overrule the benefits but is not purely for the benefit.

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