South Indian Movies Vs. Bollywood Movies Answer To A Popular Question

South Indian Movies have always been loved by the Indian audience, however the recent success of Salman Khan Starrer Wanted, Ajay Devgan starrer Singham and John Abraham starrer Force tells all a new story of the South Indian visualization and conceptualization about the story lines. There is a reason why those movies could turn into such huge successes though everyone knew they were remakes of South Indian Movies.

Remember the famous movie Aparichit. The movie has been repeated umpteen times over the television yet people watch the movie again and again. Similar for many of the South Indian and South Indian

oriented Bollywood movies. Reason is simple.

The typical Indian movies have a hero that struggles against the villain or the bad man throughout the entire movie. He keeps himself trying to reach him somehow and finally when he is about to get his hands on him, the police comes out of nowhere.

What happens now is that the audience that was waiting since the beginning for the hero to thrash the villain gets disappointed. Even if the film is a super hit, the audience is not

satisfied. What makes a film super hit is the sense of satisfaction that the audience by watching the movie.

A few go in the movie to learn and to see originality. There is nothing like original that would give pleasure. Success of social networking sites, videogames and the internet says it all. Audience wants fantasy. Win of the good against the evil and a happy ending.

In South Indian Movies the villain is a big bad man but the hero is no less than him. He challenges the evil deeds of the villain and continues to destroy him. This is what anyone would like. After all, everyone wants the things to go right.

Have a glance at the epics. Lord Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Hanuman never got defeated. They had smiles on their faces, peaceful at heart yet devastating for the evil. There are not much instances when the Gods were defeated by the Demons and that’s why they are Gods.  


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