Sony Playstation 2 – User Review

Sony Play Station 2 or PS2 is a gaming console. I always wondered whether to invest 5900 INR into PS2 when majority of PS2 games range from 399 to 999 INR. This review of Sony Play Station 2 is based purely on how I used it and how I felt this gaming console and PS2 games.

Price – When I bought it – 5700 INR
Memory Card Price – 8 MB – 890 INR (no discounts)
Average Game CD price – 500 INR

I read a few reviews on the internet, consulted few of my friends but none of them could reflect

negative responses however I was not satisfied. I went on some showrooms and watched a demo of how Playstation 2 games would feel like. It was satisfactory.  The showroom guy told me that the games range from 399 to 799 INR.

The only thing I was confused was that initial price was going out of my budget. They were offering the PS2 controller and an eye toy free but an additional amount of 890 INR was

required if I wanted to play mission games. I decided not to go for the memory card.

Second investment was about the games. I bought two games that accounted for another 1000 INR. The game constantly asked for the memory card however you could play without one. The problem is that without a memory card you have to start the entire thing from the beginning every other time you plug in.

The controller is good with two joysticks. Graphics are also satisfactory. Eyetoy is something exciting about PS2 but you require some space to play with it. They offer an eyetoy CD as well which is good.

Another way of getting PS2 games cheaper is to buy them through  To summarize PS2 has good graphics but the problem is that the games are bit too costly. Every time you have to play games you have to put the CD in the console. Otherwise it is a fun to have PS2 (Play Station 2) at home.


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