Some Of The Most Talented Yet Underrated Wrestlers In Wwe

This list of the most underrated wrestlers is not based upon their title runs but the popularity and the opportunities that they should have got but for some reason they couldn’t become the front runners while there were guys like Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio (equally talented) who quickly conquered the show.

The WWE superstars listed below could perform well inside the ring every time they had an opponent but due to the lack of good opportunities or for some other reason their talent remained unrecognized or at a lower level than the others.

• Vladimir Kazlov
• Shelton Benjamin
• Brodus

• Chris Masters
• Tyson Kidd
• Justin Gabriel
• Evan Bourne

Vladimir Kazlov remained undefeated in most of his opening matches. He had chances to wrestle with The Undertaker, the Triple H and Shawn Michaels as well. Later he formed a tag team with Santino Marella and once he was injured by Mark Henry he never returned. The fighting skills of Vladimir Kazlov were never inferior to any other wrestler in WWE.

Shelton Benjamin and Chris Master had everything. They had fighting skills, good physique yet they also couldn’t make a big name in WWE. Evan Bourne is a good wrestler but

it may be due to the matches that he lost that he could not be seen frequently these days in RAW, NXT, WWE Superstars or Smackdown.

Same thing is happening with Brodus Clay (initially introduced as Funkasoras). Brodus Clay never gets a competitor of his level. It has been more than 3 months that Brodus started appearing in WWE shows and except an informal conflict between Big Show over the John Cena matter, he never had a big hand.

It is not that good wrestlers have vanished out of WWE but the point is that some of them don’t get a chance. For example consider the case of Ryback. He is fighting with some unknown wrestlers most of the times and he comes and he goes. There is nothing for him to do other than that.

Tyson Kidd grabbed a chance in the Money in the Bank match this year. He did well too. May be that he comes up well and gets some good opportunities.


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